Automate your E-commerce Returns the Smart Way with Returnkey Freemium Plan

Automate your E-commerce Returns the Smart Way with Returnkey Freemium Plan

Good return management is one of the main factors that can increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, today many online businesses cannot efficiently manage returns and still use manual processes, which are time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, using a management return system can be very beneficial for online business owners and keep their cash flow stable.

How the Return Management System (RMS) Software Works

Integration with customizable e-commerce platforms

A return Management System is a platform used to manage customer returns, complaints, and claims on a business. The platform offers functional automation to avoid costly customer management issues and reduces the complexity associated with consignment records.

Returnkey can be integrated with customizable-commerce platforms such as business systems, CRM, and logistics and transportation systems. Returns software also offers full support for omnichannel e-commerce, faster time-to-market, and more efficient, less expensive site-building.

Once Returnkey is integrated with the e-commerce platform, customers can register their returns via an embedded menu on the site, then select one or more items to be sent back. The store will then receive all the information in real-time.

Automation of returns and complaints

Returnkey integrates with e-commerce, ERP, and enterprise storage systems to collect customer purchase data, offering visibility into products being returned or exchanged. Customers register their complaints online and receive notifications about ongoing return processes.

Whether you only sell products online or through a physical store, refunds are processed the same way. When the return or guarantee period for a customer's purchase has ended, the system will stop the process. Return terms and conditions can be freely updated in the admin panel at anytime.

When a customer registers a return, a consignment note is created according to the pre-selected shipping options. Automatic status updates are sent to customers via SMS or email. Once an item has been delivered to the delivery service or post office, a panel indicates that the thing is on its way, allowing the store to approve or reject a return request or contact the customer if necessary. When the goods arrive at the warehouse, the return case is closed, all systems are updated automatically, and the consumer gets an exchange or a refund if the conditions are met.

Data collection

To decrease the rate of return, it is very important to have accurate data about what was returned and why. This allows businesses to optimize the returns process, spot inefficiencies, and avoid problems down the road. This data can also be used by business owners to find out weaknesses or errors in a product so that the quality of the product or service can be improved.

Automatic status updates

To foster trust in customers, a return management system must be able to send automatic status notifications about ongoing returns. This will encourage consumers to make future purchases based on a positive return experience. That way customers won't be asking customer service continuously about the status of their returns and of course this can reduce the workload of your employees.

Who Needs a returns management system?

Naturally, the industries with the highest returns will benefit the most from using returns management software. This is because efficient returns management can reduce operational costs and increase profit margins. The following are some who should use a returns management system and can benefit by optimizing the returns process.

E-commerce brands and retailers

Return management systems can provide a positive experience by facilitating quick and easy returns, as well as automatically updating notifications that customers can monitor directly. This allows retail and e-commerce employees to inspect and appraise items more quickly, resolve customer issues more efficiently, and streamline processes that save time.


Using a returns management system, you can process returns, return items to vendors, repair and update items, and complete storage tasks. Platforms must provide workflows that can streamline the return process, standardize tasks and improve accuracy, and drive customer loyalty with an easy return process.

Third-Party Logistics Providers

Business and customer workflows can be configured on existing systems in warehouses and delivery locations. Returns management systems can also be integrated with other supply chain systems such as warehouse management systems, providing fast ROI at reduced costs.

Advantages of using ReturnKey as a returns management system

Returnkey is a return management system that can provide many benefits for business owners or e-commerce businesses. If you are still unsure about using the platform, you can check out some of the advantages that make ReturnKey different from others.

Easily accessible.

Simple and easy were some of the perks that business owners can advantage of. If you imagine this system is difficult to access, you are wrong. The ReturnKey platform can easily be accessed via a website-based URL such as

Automatic instant exchange system

Besides being easy to use, ReturnKey also allows users to be able to exchange items independently through the available self-service portal. This will undoubtedly be very helpful because customers don't need to contact customer service directly and keep asking about the status of ongoing returns.

Integrated courier service

When buyers return items using ReturnKey, they do not have to return them manually. Simply by accessing ReturnKey, customers can request to pick up from their homes or send them to the nearest delivery location. Currently, Returnkey is working with several well-known couriers such as NinjaVan and J&T.

Fully customizable branding

ReturnKey allows retailers to customize the return portal into their e-commerce menu so that the return portal will be visible easily and easily

It feels like the retailer's own website.

24-hour support

ReturnKey provides 24-hour service support so that retailers or buyers could ask for help if they encounter problems with the return portal. The retailer or business owner can immediately contact the ReturnKey team to get the solution they need.

Self Service

Self Service Portal is a feature offered by ReturnKey where customers can make return requests through the ReturnKey return portal directly, thus retail staff can save more time dealing with return issues and allocate time to do other important work.

Ease of Setting up Portals and 2-Step Verification of Returns

Retailers or business owners can easily customize the portal according to their needs. Apart from that, We also have this feature called pre-approval. When this feature is enabled, your restore system will allow two layers of verification.

First, the customer will request a return by selecting the item(s) to be returned and uploading a photo of the item(s) received. If the return request is approved, they will receive an email and a link to proceed with their return by logging back into the returns portal and entering additional information such as shipping address, the reason for return, choosing a return solution, then select their preferred shipping method.

Save more with the ReturnKey Freemium package

All processes can be done more easily and quickly with ReturnKey. But if you want to save more time and money, you can subscribe our Freemium package. This plan offers resellers a free subscription fee, where all costs will be borne by the customer when the customer wants to make a return. The customer will pay a fee which we refer to as the “Handling Fee”. So based on the features offered, you don't need to hesitate of using ReturnKey as a platform to help your  business return process!

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