Pros and Cons of Return Labels in Online Orders

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Pros and Cons of Return Labels in Online Orders

Online based business is growing day by day. Considering the post-purchase experience should also be considered by business owners. If you own an online or retail store, you may often wonder whether you should include a return label to help customers return the product or make a return if it doesn't fit. If the answer is yes, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of including a return label in your client's order box? Get a full review of the pros and cons or the pros and cons of using return labels in your business.

Benefits of Including Return Label in Order Box

In the world of E-commerce or online purchases, customers may contact you after receiving the goods they ordered a few days later. This can happen if they receive the goods in a condition that is not suitable or has damage or other problems. Such as if they get the wrong size, damaged goods during shipping, the color of the product is different than expected and others. Of course, you have to deal with this problem properly if you don't want to lose customers or get negative reviews that can actually harm your business in the future.

How can you prevent these problems and offer your customers a positive post-purchase experience? One solution is to include a printed return label with the order. A label or return form is a label that you print, pack, and ship with the order. This way, customers can manage returns independently if they want to return them to you without the hassle.

Pros of Including Return Labels in Orders

Offering your e-commerce customers a good and satisfactory return service is the best way to avoid losing or losing customers in your business. If you don't handle it properly, customers can sue you or leave a negative review on your business so that other potential customers can read the review and then cancel the desire to buy your product. Remember, customer service is one of the keys to the success of your business. Even if you sell a good product, customers will certainly be disappointed if the service provided is not appropriate. So, what are the advantages of using or including labels or return forms in orders?

Improving Shopping Convenience for Customers

Providing customers with the convenience of shopping online will be very good for your business and if the return process is not complicated, of course customers can do it themselves without having to put in extra effort. According to Forbes, creating an easy and transparent return policy is the only way for the owner of a product or business brand to sustainably manage their business. Companies that send return labels along with their products have the opportunity to gain great credibility, because customers can be more confident and confident that they can return goods if they get an item that doesn't fit.

Powerful Marketing Tool.

How many e-commerce businesses can provide such a helpful service as return labels? Of course not much, so it's easy to understand how these return labels can be such a powerful marketing tool. If other businesses don't use this service much then you could be ahead of your competitors. By including a return label, you can tell customers that they can return the goods or products they ordered if they get the goods in a damaged condition or not according to the order. That way customers might think about shopping at your store because they can reduce the risk of getting items that don't fit compared to shopping at other stores.

Purchase Checkout Improvement

Offering customers the possibility of returning goods in an easy, convenient and secure way will increase checkout rates and reduce the number of customers who simply leave items or orders in the cart. Simply put, when people decide whether to buy from you or not, they won't hesitate and you won't see many customers ignoring carts in their online orders again. Don't forget to always make room, on your site, for the services you offer. It is very important for potential customers to know that you provide a return service and mention it on your site and make sure customers will read it when they arrive on your home page. This way, they will know about it before buying from your store and will feel more comfortable when it comes to checkout.

Return Label Cons

Now let's see why offering a return label along with the product being shipped also has its drawbacks and can hurt your business.

Higher Rate of Return.

It's true that having a return label that you include in your order package will increase your e-commerce sales rate, but it will also increase the number of returns. Usually customers will think about returning an item and consider it first, especially if the return is a little complicated. However, with a return label, customers will be more confident that they can return goods more easily and not have to spend more.

Reduced Direct Contact Between You and Customers

If the entire return procedure could be done easily by the customer, you may never know what went wrong with the order. On the other hand, optimizing the entire return process by using return automation software will allow you to understand exactly what the customer wanted or what went wrong with the order you shipped.

Unaware Operational Costs

When you decide to send a return label with your order then you will of course have to print the label or form and of course that costs money. Another incident you should consider is when a customer receives a package, opens it and, only paying attention to the product, then discards everything else. For example, if a customer orders a piece of clothing and he gets the wrong size then wants to return it, but unfortunately he discards the return label or other order details that came with the order. Then he takes the initiative to contact you and in the end you are forced to waste valuable time and have to submit another label or return form. Wouldn't this incident be detrimental to your business?

Uncertainty in Return Management

If the customer does not get the label, then of course he will ask you first if he can return the product or meet the return requirements. With a return label or return form, the entire return process is entrusted to the customer. But what if something goes wrong and if in fact the return doesn't qualify for a return in your business? If the customer hasn't read or understood the instructions on your return page, he or she may have doubts or have problems returning the product to you. So make sure you have a clear, easy-to-understand return policy on your site, even for those who have never returned an item. What's more, you and your staff also cannot predict the amount of return and it may disrupt the workflow of everyone who works in your business.

So you know, there are many pros and cons when you offer labels
return. Even so, you don't have to worry because there is now a way to easily automate and manage the return process, save time and offer your customers a great post-purchase experience. one of them is to use software or return applications such as Returnkey.

By using this software, you can make it easy to return goods from customers but in an easier way and of course you can reduce your business operational costs in terms of returning goods.

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