How to Refund Order on Shopify

Refund order Shopify

How to Refund Order on Shopify

When it comes to refunds, the Shopify platform allows you to not only fully refund, but also partially refund certain items in the order. You can partially refund successively from the order until the original value of the order, the amount available for refund, is reached. Shopify itself currently has more than 500,000 active stores, and the platform has succeeded in becoming the largest marketplace after Amazon and removing eBay from the second position. meet their expectations. Check the following guide if you want to refund an order on Shopify.

Making Full Refunds on Shopify

Shopify allows you to refund orders with at least one eligible order to be returned. In addition, orders that will be processed for a refund cannot be archived. So you need to unarchive the order if you are currently archiving it.

Here are the basic steps for making a refund within Shopify:

Step #1 :From the admin page on your Shopify account, select the navigation that leads to “Orders”.
Step #2: Select the order you want to refund, then click the Return item menu. If the order is archived, this is where you need to unarchive it.
Step #3: Next, enter the quantity of each item of the order to be returned.
Step #4: Select the return shipping option that suits your business or customer.
Step #5: Then select the “Create return label” button to create a shipping label that will be required by customers to send your goods back. Shopify enforces this option if your primary location and customer shipping address is in the United States.
Step #6: Select Enter tracking information if the shipment has been made, and you have a tracking receipt number from the courier or delivery service.
Step #7: Select the “No return shipping” button if you want to make a refund without shipping the item back.
Step #8: Finally, you can click on the “Make a return” button. If you select the Create return label option, you will be prompted to send the label to the customer. Note that this option is only available if you are located in the United States.

Partial Refund

Sometimes you just need to make a partial refund to the customer. This could be because the prices you advertise don't match those listed on your website, or because customers don't like one or more of the items they purchased. If you want to refund some of your customers' money on Shopify, you can follow these steps!

Step #1: From your Shopify admin “Dashboard”, navigate to the “Orders” page
Step #2: Click on the order number for which a part of the money must be refunded
Step #3: Click “Refund”
Step #4: In the “Refund” column, enter the number of products you want to partially refund
The amount to be refunded is automatically filled in with the total product selected for refund
Step #5: It is very important to keep track of stock for your inventory, the checkbox next to "Restock items" will be visible. If your customer has not returned an item, please uncheck this box.
Step #6: From here, you can also send notification emails to your customers:
Step #7: Click the “Refund” button

Sounds easy, right? But make no mistake, manual return process will only be a hassle and slow down your team work and create a bad return experience for customers. Especially if customers need a long waiting time to get their funds back. That's why it's so important for business owners at Shopify to switch to an automated return management solution.

Refund Policy on Shopify

Shopify allows you to make a full refund of an order, or a partial refund. Partial refunds are especially useful in cases where a customer purchases several items and only wants to return one of the orders they made. Of course, this menu will make it easier for you because you don't need to return all customer funds, including if you want to charge the customer a return shipping fee.

In addition, you are able to make a refund without making a return process on Shopify first. However, when you fully refund then you can no longer make a return, so it's a good idea to use this feature wisely. Also keep in mind that refunds can only be sent to the payment method used by the customer when paying for their order.

Also, it can take at least 10 days for the refund to be returned to the customer. As such, Shopify does not offer support for customers to exchange, or refund in-store credit to customers, nor allow warranty returns. If you want to have this feature then you must have a more powerful and advanced return system. There are many platforms that can help you manage returns including in marketplaces like Shopify. You just need to select them correctly so that the return process can run smoothly.

Managing Shopify Refunds

Managing returns is an important part of today's eCommerce business and as we all know you can easily refund orders on Shopify. While you can make a refund on Shopify, the process is not automated and there is not much flexibility for your business or customers. As a workaround, you can use a return platform like ReturnKey which allows customers to process their own returns, while allowing merchants to automatically implement a return policy and simplify their operational process.

By using a return platform, you do not need to send many emails back and forth to customers, and can reduce the work of employees who have to manually serve customers who want to process returns. Returns can be started when customers access the portal return. That way you don't have to bother telling customers how to return your product so your only job is to refund easily and quickly.

Customers only need to follow the instructions written in the return portal, print the return label and then send it to the shipping company. After that they just have to wait for the refund to be made. Easy, right? It's easier for you to process a refund on ReturnKey than having to make a return and issue a refund on Shopify which takes a long time. Errors in returns can also be avoided if you use the ReturnKey platform for your return management. You also don't have to be afraid if a refund makes customers give up and don't want to do business with you anymore. In fact, most customers will be interested in returning to your store if you can provide a memorable refund experience.

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